E L E C T R I C  D A W N
A L A S T A I R  P E N M A N

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Electric Dawn is the debut album from Alastair Penman, featuring new works for saxophone and electronics.  The idea behind the album is to explore the fusion of live instruments and electronics to expand the available palette of sounds.  Whilst doing this, the intention is always to keep the fusion as organic as possible, with the electronics serving to augment rather than overpower or distract from the live instruments.

Track Listing:
1. Supernova - Alastair Penman
2. Deconstruct - Jenni Watson
3. Ghost Train - Alastair Penman arr. John Harle
4. Higher - Daniel Harle
5. Glass - Graham Fitkin arr. Alastair Penman
6. Wayfarer - Alastair Penman arr. John Harle
7. Hail - Geoff Sheil
8. Lake of Dreams - Alastair Penman
9. Sandbox - Alastair Penman
10. Swan Island - Marius Neset arr. Alastair Penman
11. Broadside - Alastair Penman
12. Hypernova - Alastair Penman

Recorded and mixed at The Old Malthouse Studios, Kent
Produced by John Harle
Mixed by John Harle and Roland Heap
Engineered by Roland Heap
Mastered by Roland Heap
Artwork Design by The Archipelago

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Alastair Penman 2015