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Sospiro Noir
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Sheet music for some of Alastair's compositions from Electric Dawn are now available for purchase.  Use the links below for more information and to purchase music.  (All compositions are supplied with both sheet music and the backing audio files require for performance.)

Broadside (2015) [Soprano saxophone and tape]

Ghost Train (2015) [Saxophone and electronics]

Hypernova (2015) [Alto saxophone and tape]

Lake of Dreams (2015) [Clarinet and tape]
Sandbox (2015) [Alto saxopone and electronics]

Supernova (2015) [Alto saxophone and tape]

Wayfarer (2015) [Woodwinds and electronics] {Not currently available}

Works by other composers:

Hail (2015) - Geoff Sheil [Alto saxophone and tape]
Available to purchase from Islands Press (ASCAP)

Alastair Penman 2015